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All you can hear is your thoughts.

You stand with one leg on the block, the other flat on the Rio 2016 Olympics Aquatic Stadium floor.

Your eyes peer through the bright lights as you examine every aspect of the water in your lane. You’re queued to take your place on the block.

“I’m number one,” you say to yourself. All the work you’ve done over the last four years was for this moment.

You’re ready – and this time, it’s different. You’re up against the young man that beat you in the same event four years ago.

You’re the best in the world. You intend to prove it tonight.

“Please step down,” the announcer calmly says over the speaker. You’ve been deep in your thoughts that you didn’t realize the screams across the stadium.

Everyone is ready for you to make history. But, you’re too focused to let it affect your purpose.

You step off the block one last time. You remember why you’re here: to prove why you’re the best in the world. You’re number one.

The starting signal sounds.