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You can hear the sound of plastic wheels moving along the sidewalk.

Everyone’s carrying their loaded coolers to a nearby tailgating site. “Catch up,” you shout to your son, Bobby.

It’s your thirteen-year-old son’s favorite day – College Football Saturday. You walk up to McLane Stadium as your son, Bobby, runs ahead to look at Brazos River one more time before entering the stadium.

You’re a little nervous for today’s game, butterflies and all. Last year, you took Bobby to an away game where a fight escalated. It was an unpleasant sight that you don’t want your boy to witness ever again.

You don’t like your son exposed to the sort of violence he saw. He doesn’t talk about it, but you know it affected him.

Besides, he would never admit it if it meant missing a Baylor game with dad! No way.

“Thank you,” the event staff says as they scan your tickets. You walk into the stadium.

You take a deep breath – expecting the butterfly feeling to heighten.

But, you realize where you’re in McLane Stadium, so you know you and your son are safe.