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You make it through the turnstiles of the Stade de France.

“We’re seated this way,” you say to your wife.

She grabs your hand, smiles, and then the two of you begin walking in the direction that you pointed.

You and your wife met on a football [soccer] pitch in high school. Over the years, she has told you how amazing it would be to experience a live match.

So, there was no better way for you to surprise her for your 25th anniversary than to take her to an international game.

Sarah’s family is French, and she grew up a Paris St Germain fan. For today’s matchup, Germain faces their archrivals, Olympique Marseille.

You scored huge brownie points with this surprise.

“I’m a little thirsty,” she says. “Do you want anything?” The two of you purchase a couple of sodas and begin walking.

While you are walking, you notice an influx of people entering the grounds. You brush it off and continue on your way.

However, once the match begins, the amount of people near the pitch increases. As a director of operations, you know this is not normal.