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“Walter Yovany-Gomez evaded authorities for years before the FBI put him on its Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list,” writes Ryan Lucas in their recent NPR article entitled “How A Tip — And Facial Recognition Technology — Helped The FBI Catch A Killer.”

According to the article, “Gomez, a member of the MS-13 street gang, was wanted in connection with a brutal murder in Plainfield, N.J., that took place in May 2011. Police almost nabbed him a month afterward — but Gomez jumped out a second-story window and escaped.”

“Investigators finally tracked him down and arrested him in August 2017 in a gym parking lot in Northern Virginia,” writes Lucas.

The article continues, “Gomez's capture made headlines at the time, but the details of how investigators put the pieces together — with the help of a tipster and facial recognition technology — have not been previously reported.”

“Interviews by NPR with law enforcement officials and others now reveal the role that digital facial recognition software played in the case at a time when authorities' use of such technology is under increasing public scrutiny,” Lucas explains.

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