Theater & Music Event Ops Suite

A software suite for increased awareness, enhanced communication, digital documentation, and advanced analytics

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Incident Management System

Significantly enhance awareness, communication, documentation, and analytics for all incidents. Digitally record and communicate in real-time all details of an incident on-scene with pictures, videos, and signatures.

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Mobile Incident Reporting

Reduce radio traffic with this low cost and efficient alternative that allows 2-way communication to monitor, report and update the status of incidents using a smartphone app. Unlike radio, pictures and videos can be exchanged when needed.

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Security Guard at Entertainment Event

Incident Management Mobile App

Replace yellow notepads and cameras to record full incident details including photos, videos, statements, and even signatures digitally. Works in an online environment so details can be captured and recorded from anywhere.

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Guest Using Text Communication


Offers instant discreet text messaging software as an alternative or complement to phone numbers or emails. Send group text messages for the quickest and most reliable way to communicate to multiple people at once.

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Track detailed work orders, purchase orders, scheduled maintenance, inventory, and vendor information in the most user-friendly format. Schedule and conduct regular inspections to help keep your equipment safe and in compliance.

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Provides real-time guard tour information using barcodes and RFID labels with the ability to send pictures and videos from the tour location and notifications if scans are overdue. One-click analytics for Passed, Failed, or Overdue scans.

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Lost & Found

Easily track and match lost and found items to maximize return to owner rates. Utilize convenient website link to allow the public to report lost items from the comfort of their home.

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Request Tracker

From a wheelchair request to a transport request, track and communicate requests in a separate window from the IMS Dispatch Queue, and never overlook a visitor request ever again.

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Task Manager

Being able to execute operational tasks efficiently is an essential ingredient to successful venues. Supercharge your operation using Task Manager to increase staff efficiency and enhance performance. Track and communicate tasks and manage critical tasks, so nothing gets missed.

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Activity Log

Quickly set up and track activities by type, document or event. Utilize event markers and priorities to prioritize your activities as needed.

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DHS Safety Act
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