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Operations Management Software: Saving up to Millions from Liability Claims

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is the most effective way to minimize liability for your property.

In a lawsuit, if something is not documented, it is as if it never occurred. Any venue that invites guests to put aside their daily cares, consume a controlled substance, and enjoy an adrenaline rush with a few thousand of their new best friends is going to face legal claims, probably sooner than later. Sloppily written and haphazardly recorded records reflect badly on venue operators and invite jurors to think that weak documentation equals weak safety, security, and health measures. Witness recollections can be even less helpful, especially in an industry staffed with part-time workers who may turn over as much as 100% per year.

The value of [operations management software] is both substantive and aesthetic. A comprehensive system that is tailored to be understandable for each user will yield faster incident responses and more thorough records that will show who responded, what they did, and when they closed the matter. Nearly as important, the output from [operations management software] shows that a venue’s incident reporting and response is the product of organized planning that is implemented correctly in real time.

Being smart, and looking smart, are both essential when trying to convince opposing counsel and jurors that you behaved reasonably under your own circumstances, which is what the law requires of all of us. As a lawyer dealing with safety and security at live events, I am always happy to walk into a command center and see [operations management software] on everyone’s computer screen."


Do Better Methods Exist?

"We examine the result with operations management software deployed. Mobile staff quickly arrives on-scene in coordination with operations center staff dispatching the incident. A staff member comes on-scene with a mobile incident reporting tablet. He or she documents the full details of the incident from the perspective of the injured, capturing details while they are vivid, time-stamped with the accountability of staff."

Measures for Uninterrupted Success

"The long-term success of the property comes into question now. How can the property sustain its ability to reduce risk throughout the cases that add up? Will the million-dollar case show itself one, five, or seven years from today? Properties need operations management software that provides measures to help build a moat from liability."

Consistency Brings Clarity

“Every aspect of the property operation requires an objective and consistent approach to reduce risk. Having the strategy, infrastructure, and technology of the property deployed under one consistent methodology leads to clarity for the property, including the defense of liability claims. Four solutions enhance a property’s ability to keep incidents ‘honest’ and protect itself in the event the property becomes the defendant in a legal case…”

Digital Documentation Wins

"The case is won, and the objective value for deploying operations management software is now known. The property can save up to millions from liability claims today, tomorrow, and years from now. Let us look at the potential return or loss."

Ready to learn how your property can save up to millions from liability claims?

Operations Management Software: Saving up to Millions from Liability Claims