24/7 Software +
Titan HST 

24/7 Software and Titan HST, an emergency alert and mass notifications platform provider, have partnered to offer joint customers an integration to track broadcasts, chats, and actions in real-time communication faster than ever before. The 24/7 Software Titan HST partnership unites the premier operations platform with the best-in-class emergency response system serving the Leisure, Sports & Entertainment industry.  


NFL Case Study 


24/7 Software + Titan HST 

“The (24/7 Software and Titan HST) integration allows us to capture all employee security incidents in real-time without having to do manual input into 24/7 IMS. It also allows us to just focus our guard force training on Titan HST as opposed to having to train a rotating cast of individuals on the usage of 24/7 IMS. The integration also allows us to track our broadcasts, chats, and actions in real-time where in the past (especially with Send Word Now), we didn’t have that capability and anything we did required manual input.  This integration has not only increased the value of our IMS but better sync’d our security operations as a whole.”  -Robert Gummer, NFL GSOC Director