24/7 Software and Ticketmaster, the world’s largest ticket marketplace and global leader in ticketing products, have partnered to create an integration to make real-time identity information available in the 24/7 platform through the two new features. Conversations Caller ID and Investigative Fan Identity allow security and customer-facing teams to improve security responses and fan experience.


Investigative Fan Identity

  • Look up fan identity and ticket history prior to importing and linking identity data to an incident.
  • Give frontline security personnel the tools to deal with complicated identity challenges that arise with mobile ticketing. 
  • Look up identity by seat number and provide proactive intelligence to responding security personnel. 
  • Comply with data privacy policies and while avoiding customer irritation caused by requests for identity documentation. 
  • Identify season ticket holders, staff members and other ticketing information in order to cater responses to incidents. 

Conversations Caller ID

  • Know the identity of every fan that messages your command center during an event. 
  • Prioritize your response to requests and incidents to ensure an ideal fan experience for all patrons. 
  • Identify season ticket holders, staff members and other ticketing information in order to customize communications.
  • Verify the seat location of fans to ensure prompt and accurate responses to requests and incidents. 

24/7 Software has been working extensively with five NFL early adopter teams to test out the integrations within the Incident Management System and Conversations modules. These early adopter teams include the Kansas City Chiefs, The Cleveland Browns, The Washington Commanders, and The Philadelphia Eagles. 24/7 Software plans on onboarding additional NFL teams to utilize this integration, and continued expansion to various other sporting teams. 


The integration between 24/7 Software and Ticketmaster has caused “a real impact of real-time intelligence to our staff and their approach. By highlighting what the command can do the support them, we see a more reserved and tactical approach utilized by staff. In one specific incident, a text message came through the 24/7 Conversations module requesting First Aid. Because the person who texted in was able to be identified immediately using the integration, Dave Felsen and the team were able to ID the person as the Sr. Director of First Aid, who texted in for an urgent issue. The Team felt as though it expedited their time to respond and the way in which the incident was handled.”

Colby Harrison | Director of Safety and Event Security | Kansas City Chiefs

We had a teenager text into us that he lost his group he was with and couldn’t find them. His group leader had all of the digital tickets on his phone and the teen had nothing to show for where he was supposed to be. He texted us that he was with a youth football team whose name wasn’t showing up in Ticketmaster. Then he told us his coach’s name. Bingo. In the Ticketmaster search, we found the coach’s name, who had almost 50 tickets attached to his account. We were able to tell this young person his seating location and he successfully reunited with his team.”

Josh Epstein | Director of Stadium Security | Washington Commanders