Who is Lava.ai? 

Customers expect instant gratification – yet existing systems were architected for slower, scheduled responses using historical data after the customer has left. LAVA is the missing piece - a real-time API software platform for brand engagement - that enables marketers, operators, and executives to engage customers “in the moment.” With LAVA.ai, teams, venues, and brands can immediately increase spending by 25% to 55%, double customer engagement, and retention, and launch campaigns 10x faster while minimizing the burden on IT.


What do they do? 

LAVA makes good experiences even better and turns around negative incidents while the customer is still online or in-person. It connects with all people and connected devices (IoT) - in real-time and captures customer behavior and context. LAVA’s real-time data activation technology turns data into instant action to help teams, venues, and brands create memorable customer experiences during live events for the first time. With analytics and Real-timeAITM, LAVA analyzes customer contacts and triggers in real-time enabling businesses to sense and respond instantly to customer needs. LAVA engages “in the moment,” turning transactional information into contactless, actionable experiences.


24/7 Software + Lava.ai

24/7 has partnered and integrated with LAVA to deliver real-time incident details and categories to all levels within brands, venues, and teams. By bringing 24/7 Software’s incident details to team members on the go, operators and executives can get customizable real-time alerts for events such as congested entrances and safety issues, and be empowered to act immediately to resolve incidents. Used by many LAVA customers such as Crypto.com Arena, this joint solution enables teams to have visibility into their real-time incidents, be alerted to personalized notifications, and share information consistently across the organization.