Who is DropThought?  

DropThought is a real-time fan experience management platform for sports teams and venues built by experts. Their FanXP solution can help improve operations, marketing, sales and sponsorship strategies by creating actionable insights and increasing your Net Promoter Score.

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What do they do? 

DropThought gathers real-time actionable feedback from your fans across different touchpoints throughout their journey. Their dashboards and analytics help you to dive deeper into the metrics that matter. Increasing revenue for your team by drive fan loyalty through loyalty scores, while customizing detailed and personalized fan experiences.


24/7 Software + DropThought 

24/7 Software and DropThought have partnered to automate incident, customer request and work order creation from customer feedback. Also, access and initiate powerful feedback intelligence within the 24/7 Software system where your operations teams are taking action to improve Fan Experience. Better Fan Experiences will raise your Net Promoter Score and ultimately increase revenue for your team or venue.