Who is
Digital Ally?  

Digital Ally provides evidence management technology, health protection products, ticket brokering, private aviation, and event production verticals. Their extensive array of high-quality video solutions addresses the unique needs of security teams within sports stadiums, arenas, and other high-risk areas.

Digital Ally Logo

What does Digital Ally do? 

Digital Ally is a premier provider of body-worn cameras, allowing a seamless workflow in capturing and managing evidence at the scene of an incident. Their impact-resistant body cameras offer a wide range of industry-leading functionality including livestreaming, a full-color touchscreen display, advanced imagery sensors with IR LEDs, live GPS tracking, and remote activation enabling situational awareness of security team members. 


24/7 Software + Digital Ally

24/7 Software and Digital Ally have partnered to increase the operational efficiency of event security workflows. This integration will automate the linking of evidence collected from Digital Ally’s body-worn cameras to incidents within 24/7 Software’s Incident Management System, saving time and eliminating the need for manual data entry.