Who is Dataminr?  

Dataminr is recognized as one of the world's leading AI businesses. Our customers are the first to know about critical events and emerging risks so they can mitigate and manage incidents and crises more effectively.

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What do they do? 

Dataminr Pulse helps organizations strengthen business resilience with real-time risk and event discovery and integrated tools to manage responses—powered by cutting-edge predictive and generative AI. Planning for and responding to dynamic and unforeseen risks is radically improved, people are safer, and business disruptions are minimized.


24/7 Software + Dataminr

Dataminr Pulse real-time alerts are used to trigger incidents in the 24/7 Software platform, enabling customers to quickly move from risk discovery to decision-making. This improves incident response times, allows teams to minimize security disruptions, and ensures smoother operations. Dataminr Pulse's real-time information also flows into 24/7 Analytics, creating better situational awareness and enabling proactive operational planning.