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Report and Mitigate Safety and Security Incidents in Real Time, Facility-Wide

Discover how the right incident management system makes it easy to track, document, manage, resolve, and report incidents all on a single pane of glass.


During an emergency, every second counts. Don’t let a disconnected or overly complex IMS get in your way.

Your incident management system (IMS) should empower your response teams to act fast when a security or safety incident occurs—not slow them down.

However, many IMS solutions on the market either don’t provide the in-depth insight you need to respond quickly and accurately, or they are so bloated with unnecessary features that agility and flexibility suffer.

24/7 Software’s facility operations management platform delivers the right incident management and response features to the right people at the right time, ensuring incidents in your facility are reported, responded to, and resolved with maximum efficiency.

To learn more about 24/7 Software’s centralized approach to facility operations management and incident response, check out our ebook, Report and Mitigate Security Incidents and Emergencies in Real Time for Your Entire Facility.

Download the ebook to learn:

  • Common operational challenges that venue managers face.
  • The benefits of implementing a comprehensive facility operations management platform
  • Why you need an IMS that lets you balance proactive and reactive incident responses.
  • How to harness the power of analytics to make the most impactful decisions.

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“This comprehensive system enhances our game-day operations and provides a record of how each incident was handled. This system provides up-to-date analytics, which enables us to better manage our personnel and develop a strategy to create an optimal fan experience.”

Kerry Rowland
Director of Public Safety and Security | Cincinnati Reds