Article in Stadia Magazine on Stadium Safety and Security Features ISS 24/7

by Jacob Molz, on Sep 26, 2017 6:13:20 AM

Coral Springs, FL, October 09, 2013 – ISS 24/7 was recently featured in an article in Stadia Magazine’s September 2013 issue. The article focused on the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and its impact on safety and security at stadia across the US. ISS 24/7’s Incident Management System that is currently utilized by more than half of the professional and collegiate sports venues in the US was described as a sophisticated way to monitor incidents and create comprehensive reports during games.

Erik Waldman, director of event operations at Georgia Dome, says the ISS 24/7 system enlists the help of fans in rooting out trouble. “It enables them to text our central management centre, which we call Dome Control, with information about any issues they see,” he explains. “It could be anything from a spillage to a violent incident. The advantage is, they can report incidents with total privacy so there’s no need to talk to an usher or a security guard. Once it’s in our IMS, it can be assigned to a security company and our response is rapid.”

Logs detail when and where incidents occurred, the response times and the frequency of each type. These detailed reports help clubs to monitor trends and train their personnel accordingly. League headquarters can also study the incident reports from games and look for patterns.

According to Scott Meyers of ISS 24/7, until a couple of years ago most US stadia were using pen and paper to track incidents. “This wasn’t efficient enough when there were issues of liability,” he says. “It could be a nightmare finding the right documents out of hundreds of bits of paper, then everything would have to be logged on paper again after the case was closed.”