ISS 24/7 Releases Version 2.1 of TrackPad iPad Application for Their Incident Management System

by Jacob Molz, on Sep 26, 2017 6:07:42 AM

Coral Springs, FL, September 09, 2013 – The newest version of ISS 24/7’s TrackPad application, which ties into the ISS 24/7 Incident Management System, is now available with updates to current functions along with new compatibility with the Apple iPad’s retina display. Version 2.1 introduces bilateral syncing that allows the application to act as a live dispatch queue for ISS 24/7’s Incident Management System. The bilateral syncing will update the dispatch queue whether incidents are being submitted through the web-based platform or from the application.

TrackPad users are able to fill out digital incident reports anywhere, including an offline environment. All data is saved regardless of connection status allowing the application to be used in areas such as parking lots or interior corridors where there may be no Wi-Fi or data connection. If incident details are recorded in an offline environment, those Incident details will automatically sync into the Incident Management System once the application is able to access a data or internet connection.

The TrackPad digitally records on-scene incident pictures, videos, witness statements, and signatures from the application on the iPad. The application will upload these attachments automatically and imbed them in the associated incident report. Users can use voice dictation for notes, eliminating the need for handwritten notes in the incident report.

“We developed the TrackPad application in response to many of our clients asking if there was a way to replace yellow note pads since the incident reports were often illegible. They also were looking for a way where a single device, such as an iPad, could be used in place of cameras and camcorders when needed. It was also important to help reduce clients’ liability by capturing and recording all relevant details on a digital report with timestamps, and tamperproof record keeping of any and all incidents. Lastly, we wanted to provide users with the ability to receive reports in real time, allowing staff and senior leadership to always be aware of what is occurring,” says Scott Meyers, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, ISS 24/7.