ISS 24/7 Releases CheckPoint Module for Facility Inspections & Tours Utilizing Radio-Frequency Identification Technology

by Jacob Molz, on Sep 26, 2017 6:21:00 AM

Coral Springs, FL, January 13, 2014 – ISS 24/7’s newest software module, CheckPoint, is used for facility location and equipment inspections, and guard tours. The new software module utilizes radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology that is installed on an iPhone or iPod Touch to solve key accountability concerns amongstfacilities and venues. CheckPoint also includes a section for guest check-in to document check-in and check-out times of visitors.

The new guard tour system ties into the current web-based system ISS 24/7 offers to clients along with a mobile application that can be installed on an iPhone or iPod Touch. The mobile application uses a RFID reader attached to the device to retrieve information during facility inspections and guard tours.

Lack of documentation while conducting inspections has been addressed with the new module as well. All information retrieved through the mobile application is transmitted directly into the web-side of the system where the data is securely stored on the ISS 24/7 servers. This provides clients with the ability to access relevant data anytime that extends back as far as the first scan.

David Gilster, Public Safety Manager, AT&T Performing Arts Center states, “Just 5 minutes into the presentation, we saw the value of using CheckPoint in our facility. We’ve already ordered the system and are anxious to get started.”

CheckPoint alleviates the need for redundancy throughout all independent business systems when a location or item fails an inspection. All write-ups, pictures, videos, audio statements and signatures can be attached to associated inspection records. The ability to generate a work order for the Computerized Maintenance Management System directly from the application is a function of the mobile application. CheckPoint was created to eliminate the need for handwritten notes and checklists, for location and equipment inspections such as those seen in public restrooms. It is no longer necessary to mount checkpoints at locations or carry a wand for guard tours either.