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The 2015 Annual USER CONFERENCE: Thank You for Making it a Huge Success!

| February 27, 2015 | By
We can't express enough how important our culture for treating our clients as part of our development team is. By listening to these experts, we continue to enhance our existing services while developing new ones to meet the evolving needs of the industry. As our clients can verify...WE REALLY DO LISTEN!
When the User Conference was over, we were blown away by the feedback we received from close to 100 attendees. Ted Whitehead, Public Safety Supervisor for AT&T Performing Arts Center provided one of the many testimonials following the event:
"An incredible platform overall. We are active on almost every module that ISS 24/7 offers from IMS to Lost and Found and the system has become integral to our venues for not only events but our 24/7 operations as well. The level of customer service we receive is top notch. If we need it, ISS 24/7 gets it to us."
The event included a number of insightful topics, pro tips, innovative products undergoing R&D, and guest speakers inclusive of: Sarah Tarbett, Jacksonville Jaguars; Stan Sprinkles, San Francisco Giants; Matt Balzarini, San Francisco 49ers; Irv Sikorski, Notre Dame; Josh Epstein, Washington Redskins; Larry Bowman, Atlanta Braves; Farrow Bouton, SMG New Orleans; Billy Langenstein, Washington Nationals; Paul Turner, Dallas Cowboys; Brandie Remmer, University of Phoenix Stadium; Stephen Freeman, University of Texas at Austin; David Gilster and Ted Whitehead, AT&T Performing Arts Center; Andrew McQuillan, Select Security (UK); John Platillero, Event Booking; Lou Marciani, NCS4
We have reviewed the valuable feedback and have already started to implement many of these great ideas from our clients to enhance the ISS 24/7 suite of software services even more.
Until next year's User Conference, we thank YOU, our clients, for continuing to help ISS 24/7 develop software for the world's greatest properties!