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24/7 Software’s COVID-19 ‘Guide’ a boon

| April 17, 2020 | By

Image: MJR Group Ltd./ Coliseum/ 24/7 Software

The COVID-19 crisis is holding the whole world to ransom. It is causing death, inconvenience, and great physical and economic suffering. Livelihoods have been lost and the virus has left a trail of death. The worst sufferers are the marginalized section of the society who is facing the burden.

Coronavirus knows no boundaries. To date, the coronavirus cases worldwide stands at 2,146,291 and fatalities has crossed the 1 lakh mark – 144,104. The worst-hit countries are United States, Spain, Italy, France, United Kingdom and Germany, to a certain extent. Though in Germany the death toll is still less when compared to the other European countries. The COVID-19 hotspot has moved from Wuhan in China to the US where body bags are piling up by the day – 33, 490 deaths till date.

In such a scenario, US-headquartered 24/7 Software – a leading provider of operations management software solutions for operations centers including commercial and residential properties, corporate, sports, and public entertainment venues– has come out with a ‘COVID-19 Best Practices Guide 2020’ (download/open with this link).

Jacob Molz, Vice-President, Marketing & Sales Operations, 24/7 Software, gives exclusive details to ‘Coliseum’ on what the ‘Best Practices Guide’ is all about. Who conceived the whole idea of coming out with the ‘COVID-19 Best Practices Guide 2020’? “Looking at the growing aggression of coronavirus the world over, the 24/7 Software team decided to come out with the ‘COVID-19 Best Practices Guide 2020’ in the second week of April.”