Proactive operations software for healthcare operations.

Running security and facility operations of a Healthcare property is a daily challenge. Management focuses on many moving parts. No operation starts and ends with the same responsibilities each day. Things change all the time. Issues and incidents are frequent and varying. Ineffective communication among personnel inhibits efficiency and effectiveness. From visitor questions to disgruntled patients, injuries from wet spills, equipment failures, or security concerns - each demands a tailored approach. Most importantly, a proactive rather than reactive operation mitigates these issues.

24/7 Software provides healthcare operations with a robust platform to improve and optimize their abilities and to become a proactive operation for all needs. Enhanced awareness, real-time communications, complete and accurate documentation, powerful analytics, maximized experience for staff and customers, and reduced risk are now possible for Healthcare operations using 24/7 Software.

Our Healthcare OPS SUITE provides operations the ability to:

  • Manage issues and incidents in real time using a DHS SAFETY Act Designated software solution
  • Use analytics to customize data the way your operation needs to improve and optimize every day
  • Engage in confidential two-way communication with customers and staff without the need of radios at the speed-of-type™ – we’re talking milliseconds
  • Effortlessly automate and streamline maintenance functions to increase equipment uptime and lifetime
  • Schedule, then hold maintenance and security teams responsible for location inspections and guard tours, respectively. Reinforces accountability.
  • Ensure lost and found items are easy to report and match, maximizing the return-to-owner ratio and patient and visitor satisfaction
  • Maximize the patients’ and visitors’ experiences with immediate responses to their requests
  • Expertly manage important operational tasks for each day, so nothing gets missed
  • Track staff activities such as lunch breaks and meetings efficiently to keep the operation running smoothly


"24/7 Software has saved so much time for me personally. Gathering monthly totals, finding past events, correcting inaccurate entries, and more, are now so fast and easy. No more thumbing through pages and pages of logs. I can search for specific events within specific perimeters and have what I need within seconds."
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