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“Residents of some Maine islands say lack of decent internet is keeping them from participating in the economy. Jobs are in short supply and telecommuting isn't practical,” according to Fred Bever’s recent Weekend Edition Sunday podcast on NPR entitled “For Maine Islands, Internet Means Opportunity.”

Weekend Edition Sunday’s host, Lulu Garcia-Navarro, explains in the opening comments of the report that “If you've ever dreamed of moving to an idyllic vacation spot, Maine's coastal islands offer a cautionary tale. Jobs are limited to lobstering, boat building and caretaking of summer residences. And lousy Internet service makes telecommuting difficult to impossible. But now some Maine lobstermen and would-be telecommuters are banding together to pay for costly infrastructure they hope will help preserve a threatened way of life.”

While Maine’s coastal islands are not your property, this story offers an excellent lesson.

The lack of Wi-Fi infrastructure present amongst properties is improving – we’ve certainly noticed. However, not all properties have invested in this upgrade.

In fact, Bever’s report is a cautionary tale on the current limitations associated with having limited or poor Wi-Fi infrastructure.

It’s also a familiar setback many organizations continue to face.

Communication between staff, whether they can perform their role on the fly, and your ability to interact and support guests is greatly influenced by your property’s Wi-Fi infrastructure.

How does your property match up? Is it up to par?

Technology moves quickly.

You can be confident that it’s not going to slow down but will move faster.

From advanced software to run your operation to applications for enhancing the guest experience, properties are making strides.

Cutting-edge technology is not a “nice to have,” it is a “must have.”

Simply, guests have choices. They can spend their money to attend an event at your property or pay less to enjoy the experience from the comfort of their home.

So when they choose to spend time at your facility, you must have proactive operations in place to protect your property and guests. You must validate their choice by giving them a positive experience.

The bar of what makes a positive guest experience is also constantly being raised.