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“We expect over 700,000 people,” you say to your staff.

You’re running this year’s tennis U.S. Open at Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens, NY – and you’re expecting a sizable attendance.

Everyone is excited about this event. But, with the terrifying events that have occurred around the world over the last 12 months, everyone is preparing for the unexpected.

“If there’s a place to anticipate an attempted terrorist or mass casualty attack, it’s during this tournament,” you explain to all of your staff.

It’s OK, though, you’re ready for this event.

You’ve employed well-trained staff to constantly interact with guests and make your team’s presence known.

NYPD enlisted more highly-trained security for additional perimeter support and counterterrorism efforts.

“We’ve covered all basis,” you continue. “We’ve increased training and security standards,” you add.

There’s no question; you’re equipped to counter a calamity, you’re ready to engage, you’re ready for potential threats.