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“Daddy, hurry up we are going to miss our flight!” your six-year-old daughter shouts as she runs through the airport entrance to the security line.

Smiling because you know the flight does not begin boarding for another 45 minutes, you play along.

You are headed to the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida for your annual family vacation. You always like to take your family away during the off season because it is the only time you get to spend with them.

“Slow down,” your wife says as her and your twelve-year-old son shuffle behind with their carry-on luggage. You laugh and continue running with your daughter.

Everyone finally catches up right around the corner from the TSA line.

Your daughter begins sharing how excited she is to meet every Disney character. You already know, though, because that is all she talked about during the 36-minute car ride to the airport.

Making the turn to the TSA, you stop dead in your tracks. You had no doubt that you would make it to your gate on time. Until now.

What you see ahead of you gives you butterflies.