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Tuesday night, history was made.

On the night the “one-man tornado,” Robert Lewandowski, broke multiple records in nine second-half minutes of Bayern Munich’s 5-1 victory over Wolfsburg…where were you?

Yes, multiple records. Let’s lay it out for you:

  • Besides scoring five goals in nine minutes, Lewandowski is the 14th player in Bundesliga history to score 5 goals in a single match.
  • He’s now the first player with 5 goals since Michael Tönnies in 1991.
  • He scored the fastest hat trick (three goals in a single match) in Bundesliga history. That was in four minutes.

Here’s the video in case you missed it.

We bet you’re wondering:

How can incident management systems reduce your response times to incidents?

Well, there are many ways.

Yet, today we’re going to focus on one major aspect – Awareness.

Why ‘Awareness’?

Think about it:

Your ability to be aware in your operation has many advantages for you. We’ll get to these.

We understand how important communication, documentation and analytics are, we created the ACDA Principle™.

But for today, we wanted to focus on your ability to know what’s going on at all times around your property. Most important, we want you to be able to manage it.

We can talk about incident management all day.

You should be able to…too.

But really, how ready are you for this upcoming season? For your next event? For the future?

No matter what your industry, you need to take care of business – and look good doing it.


Today, we want to talk about something, well, that we talk about all the time.

Yes we write exhaustively about incidents, issues, communication, guest services, and everything else that encompasses running an effective operation.

We totally understand, but we do it for a reason!

We want you to be a top-notch professional. Pure and simple. No question about it.

With that said, we want you to test yourself today.

Just a little test…for an important cause.

Are you running a safe and secure environment that’s conducive of endless excitement and so many memories that peace of mind is inevitable?

We’re going to find out…

But hey, don’t worry if your summer vacation has left your memory a little foggy. That’s why we’re here.

To clear your mind and wake up your inner professional.

We’re ready to find out where your operation stands for the upcoming season or your next event, give you some insight to prepare for what’s ahead and watch you achieve peace of mind.

Treat today’s article like a pop quiz that you can’t fail and you get all the correct answers to.

Are you ready? We are.

Then, let’s get to it.

After partnering with professional operations for several years, we developed a standard to be used for helping operations like yours achieve peace of mind.

We’ve termed it the ACDA Principle™. It envelops the concepts of awareness, communication, documentation, and analysis.

But, it’s more than four words. This principle can be employed in an operational capacity through the use of software. Solutions that are designed around this principle contribute to an increase in your efficiency, the effectiveness of your staff and your ability to enhance the overall performance of your operation.

In order to help you understand the pioneering ACDA principle™, we’ve created an infographic that’ll help you move your team towards peace of mind in no time.

A web-based incident management system (IMS) can provide enormous value to managers of events, facilities, venues and properties.

With an incident management system, you can greatly improve your incident management process.

With an IMS in place, increased awareness, accurate and digital records, enhanced communication, and ability to monitor and analyze incidents occurring throughout your property in real time, can go from overwhelming to piece of cake!


The purpose of these systems is to reduce a property’s overall exposure to liability, to enhance the safety and security of the public, and better prepare you for liability defense.

In today’s article we’re going to look at the possible incident management needs of properties and how the right incident management system can fulfill those operational needs – for you.

How does a professional operation achieve peace of mind?

Achieving peace of mind is what drives us.

After working with so many of the finest professional operations for many years, the ACDA principle™ was born.

You might be wondering:

What is this principle we speak of and how does it relate to you achieving peace of mind?

We’ll get to that. But first…

We want you to envision what your operation currently consists of and what you believe might be missing overall.

The reasoning behind this linear process? Frankly, we want to understand your perspective, first.

After we share the truth behind our groundbreaking ACDA principle, we want you and your team to quickly move towards enhancing your operation and achieving peace of mind.