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“After three-quarters, this game looked for all the world like a rout by the Atlanta Falcons. They were up 28-9. Their quarterback Matt Ryan, who just won the regular season MVP on Saturday night, was playing like an unstoppable Super Bowl MVP, too,” writes Colin Dwyer in his recent NPR article entitled “In A Comeback For The Ages, New England Patriots Win Super Bowl LI.”

But things quickly changed according to Dwyer’s article. “Then, something unbelievable happened: The New England Patriots came back,” he shares.

Dwyer goes on to explain “The heroics of quarterback Tom Brady, the suddenly stiffened spine of the Patriots defense and one catch by Julian Edelman that defied both gravity and belief — by some incalculable logic, they combined to bring New England to a tie that few people would have thought imaginable just 15 minutes before.”

As stated in the NPR article, “They scored 25 unanswered points to send the game into the first overtime in Super Bowl history. And after the Patriots won the coin toss to receive the first possession, their efficient march down the field toward yet another score seemed almost an afterthought.”

In the first ever Super Bowl overtime win, the Patriots won 34-28.

“It was a game that etched Brady's place in football history. If he and his coach, Bill Belichick, were not already considered the best all-time at their respective roles, it certainly won't be difficult to make an argument for that now. Sunday's win marks the pair's fifth Super Bowl win together,” as said by Dwyer.

What an unbelievable comeback.

Better yet, what an incredible lesson for a proactive leader like you on the importance of using a proven methodology, and trusting it and your abilities.