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“Canceled flights, kerfuffles at the ticket counter, clashes with local law enforcement — it's fair to say that neither customers nor Spirit Airlines staff members intended their night to unfold this way at Florida's Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport,” writes Colin Dwyer in their latest NPR article entitled “Brouhaha Breaks Out At Spirit Airlines' Ticket Counter. Here's The Back Story.”

“Yet that's precisely the scene that hit social media Monday, as cellphone footage depicting the fallout found eyeballs around the world. Naturally, widespread media coverage followed soon afterward,” the article continues.

It gets worse, though.

According to Dwyer, “Before long, images of customers irate over the cancellation of nine flights had spattered across Twitter and Instagram.”

But, what caused this nightmare?

“It's just the latest incident in a series of black eyes for the airline industry — including so many recorded confrontations that even Congress got involved last week. But the skirmishes that broke out between passengers, employees and Broward County deputies Monday night called attention to a different set of circumstances: a deepening dispute between the airline and many of its pilots,” explains Dwyer.

We see here that the plot thickens, and the airport is not to blame.

But, the incident did occur at Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, which immediately becomes a cause for concern.