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“It takes too long for us to respond to incidents on the other side of the property,” you mumble to yourself.

You’re struggling with your operation’s response times to incidents.

But, you don’t know how to resolve it.

You’re open to asking for help – but, you don’t know who to ask.

You know for a fact that there’s a problem but can’t seem to put your finger on a solution.

“Why are we taking so long to get from incident to issue to another incident?” you ask yourself.

This conundrum is exhausting. You’re ready to walk off a cliff in frustration but aren’t going to give up so easily.

You just want a way to answer the equation for response times, right?

Everyone would see you as the proactive leader you know you are. But, where do you even start?

This part is where we can help.

There is one solution that contains the requisites for faster response times to incidents that occur throughout your property.

You look into the distance.

For a moment, you’re thoughtless. You stare out of the command center window into the adjacent parking lot.

Shouting relays throughout the command center. But, you remain quiet. The overwhelming sensation of helplessness has reached its peak.

You’re stressed. You’re tired.

Your operation is always chasing the next incident, and you need a solution to get you out of this mess.

You’re running a reactive operation, and you know it.

Then, as soon as your thoughts left your mind, they and the background noise crescendo. It’s back to the reality in front of you.

We bet you’re wondering:

How can incident management systems reduce your response times to incidents?

Well, there are many ways.

Yet, today we’re going to focus on one major aspect – Awareness.

Why ‘Awareness’?

Think about it:

Your ability to be aware in your operation has many advantages for you. We’ll get to these.

We understand how important communication, documentation and analytics are, we created the ACDA Principle™.

But for today, we wanted to focus on your ability to know what’s going on at all times around your property. Most important, we want you to be able to manage it.