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“I promise you, we fixed this air handler less than six months ago,” Sheri, your engineer, asserts to you and your chief engineer, Tim.

“Where’s the paperwork on this,” you ask her.

Sheri stares at you in a state of confusion.

“I always give you and Tim the completed work order with my signature. You should have it,” she says.

You use pen and paper for record keeping. You’ve been doing it for as long as you can remember.

But, you’re not running an old property. ‘Change’ is past due, and today could not make it more visible to you.

“Would you agree it’s time to find a smarter way to track our work,” Tim asks you.

“We’ve got a good team here, but our solution for managing maintenance is outdated. This shortfall is not Sheri’s fault,” he continues.

“You’re right, it’s mine,” you interrupt.