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Customer service is a huge responsibility successful property managers take seriously. As you know, the happiness of your tenants and customers is a reflection of how much effort you put into your service.

From the overall appearance of your property – to managing work orders and tracking repairs – all aspects of your operation require a top-notch approach in order to catch the eye of your customers.

You want to leave them in awe…don’t you? FANTASTIC, then let’s do it!

We’re enormous advocates of how well-structured and executed Disney’s customer service efforts are. We put together a “BIG” something for you to indulge in. A fun and happy collection of the four customer service practices Disney can teach all property managers – yourself included.

Successful property managers see the value in moving their operation towards a safe one.

No, we don’t mean a property covered in soft pillows and cute kittens. We’re talking about an often used idiom we’ve coined to help you as a property manager increase your proficiency.

We’re talking SAFE. It’s quite a simple concept too.

You’ve built your incident management infrastructure. All your departments are operating in unison.

Police, Fire Rescue, Security, IT, Maintenance and Housekeeping are loving your new system. You’ve read our article on improving communication across departments and it shows! Kudos.

You’ve implemented your incident management system for useful analytics. All your planning, scheduling and practicing has paid off. You and your team have role-played every possibility imaginable.

You’re confident, your team’s confident. Now what?

You’ve made strides in your ability to lead and you’ve gotten yourself this far. How do you ensure your operation keeps moving forward in the direction of your vision?

You’ll never catch Batman without his trusted sidekick, Robin. No way.

If Batman is missing Robin crime fighting is not the same. They’re two peas in a pod, peanut butter and jelly, the Lone Ranger and Tonto…you get the point.

As a team Batman and Robin are quite the effective pair – but separated – there’s a dramatic decline in execution. Not as many villains are brought to justice.

All the same goes for property managers. Your maintenance efforts require a congruent effort on the part of your CMMS and its heroic partner.

If you’re struggling to keep your maintenance above the red, it might be missing its Robin – equipment inspection software.

Do you feel disengaged from your customers?

With an overwhelming amount of work coming through the funnel, we bet there’s a serious disconnect with your customers more times than none.

You need to notify them of important updates and they need to reach you – sometimes at a moment’s notice – about their concerns, or incidents they see throughout your property.

If our suspicions are correct, then you’ll need to get a solution in place…quickly. You’re going to need to turn on a web-based text notification system ASAP.

By doing this, you’ll be able to empower your customers, your staff and yourself to handle issues and mitigate hazardous incidents while they’re occurring.

You don’t have time to waste – Let’s get to it.

Don’t worry, this article isn’t a parody of an old M. Night Shyamalan movie nor are aliens trying to inhabit your property.

Then again, the 2002 science fiction does postulate insight for property managers. We’re not talking about Bo Hess leaving water glasses around your home to fight off intruders.

We’re talking about picking up the signs. Identifying the potential weaknesses in your operation for starters.

We’re sure there are a few aspects of your operation you believe you can always improve upon.

Where do we start? Your team is laden with work orders, routine maintenance, managing disjointed procedures, running through a plethora of checklists…the list goes on.

But rather than mulling over the possible drawbacks, let us help. We’ve done our research. Genuinely, we have. There are four signs you need to invest in work order software for efficient property management.