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Keeping your property humming is a must.

You’ve got this primary responsibility. But, it’s wearing you down.


The cost to maintain equipment is breaking the bank.

One thing after another is breaking, and when that happens, you have to fix it or buy a new one!

Fixing the problem costs a lot of money. That’s your biggest issue, right?

But, you can ‘fix’ the more significant problem.


By using preventive maintenance (PM) software.

It’s your operations best solution to this recurring setback.

This software will help you counter the cyclical problems of having to fix or buy new equipment.

It will help you reduce downtime and increase your efficiency, which takes your maintenance operation from a cost center to a profit center.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know your property is running smoothly?

We think so, which is why we’ve put together the following insights on how PM software can help your property boost uptime.

Are you ready? Let’s get to it.

A CMMS can help identify and fix equipment defects.

You can do it – even before the manufacturer finds out.

Don’t believe us? Ask your colleagues.

Industry experts like yourself tell us how they leverage CMMS software inclusive of preventive maintenance to do just that.

You can efficiently manage and track equipment.

You can keep a good schedule and focus on your facility.

That results in identifying a defect before the equipment’s manufacturer. It also leads to fixing the flaw much sooner and before it cripples your facility’s operation.

We’re talking about a real reduction in downtime and substantial money savings.

Automation of your maintenance activities becomes easy with your CMMS up and running too.

Scheduled events allow you to focus on running a smooth operation while keeping your equipment up to date.

Preventive maintenance (PM) measures let you quickly identify faulty equipment, reduce downtime, and cut costs.

Keep reading; we’re going to dive into all of this in the following sections.

You’ve been looking for a new CMMS.

But, you’re hesitant. You’re not sure whether it’s the strategic route to go.

You’ve been asking yourself, “Should I be pursuing a new maintenance solution for our property? Or stick with what we have?”

You’re always telling your team, “Buying new CMMS software is just as stressful and overwhelming as operating one.”

Your current system is the cause of at least 70% of your stress. But, you know what you have and fear you may pick something worse.

You know it’s time to make the change!

You probably think that there’s no way to make this process an easy one.  

Or, that choosing a new CMMS could ever come close to being pleasant, right?

We’ve got good news today. We’re here to help make your search and selection a smooth one.

To show you how to start the selection process and end it with CMMS software that fits your needs, we created an infographic. It’ll show you how to get the buying process started, who to involve, and what steps to take when evaluating solutions.

Stuff breaks.

Breakdowns and outages happen to everyone.

You’re going to have to ‘fix’ something on your property eventually, whether you oversee a small venue or large property, and whether it’s a minor issue or major failure.

We get it; it’s frustrating.

Even the Statue of Liberty recently had an unplanned outage. Yes, that’s right – the Statue of Liberty went dark Tuesday night. You can see the lights go back on here.

According to Bill Chappell’s NPR article entitled “Statue Of Liberty's Lights Went Dark — 'Likely' Due to Recent Work, Official Says” it was lights out for one of America’s most iconic monuments.

“Spotlights that illuminate the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor went dark for more than an hour Tuesday night, prompting speculation over the cause: Was it to do with a protest on International Women's Day, or perhaps America's immigration policies? A National Park Service official says they're still looking into it, but they suspect recent work on the electrical system is the cause,” Chappell writes.

The NPR article continues that "The outage was most likely due to work related to an ongoing project to activate a new emergency backup generator which is part of our last remaining Hurricane Sandy recovery projects," the NPS says. It added that the outage was ‘unplanned.”

Was this outage unexpected? Could it have been avoided? How could it have been avoided?

We’re sure you already know, this incident got us thinking.