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The calls are coming in.

“Fight in section 201.” “There has been a car theft in parking lot GG.” “A thunderstorm is approaching at 15 MPH.” “We have…”

You turn off your radio for a moment. You stare at the mirror knowing you only have thirty seconds before your operations coordinator sends out the bat signal because you haven’t responded to your radio calls.

Cupping your hands under the faucet, you let the water run over them. You slowly splash your face to make sure this isn’t a nightmare.

“Yep, this is real,” you utter to yourself. You put on your glasses, turn on the radio, and rush out of the restroom.

While your team is panicking over the radio, you open the restroom door to the thousands of guests moving throughout your property.

Your goal is to keep smiles on their faces and to ensure they never find out anything is ever wrong. It’s a big goal, and not always achievable for your team.

More calls are coming, but they aren’t incident calls. It’s your team. You can hear the panic in their voices. A few variations of “We weren’t prepared for this” make their way over the radio.