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Today, we have an important question to answer:

Do CMMS software reviews truly help when it comes to making your final buying decision?

Here’s our answer: No.

Here’s the Reader’s Digest version of ‘our review’ on reviews.

There’s a reason they don’t help. One of the reasons? You can’t measure their impact or effectiveness.

Now, we get it. Technology has allowed for a more effective way to verify the quality and integrity of online reviews. But there’s nothing that comes even close to hearing the value like hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth.

Keep reading because we’re also going to give you the best alternative to reviews. An alternative that’ll bring value to your purchasing process, and peace of mind to you and your team.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, because we hear it often.

Facility managers don’t always come out and say it, especially when it comes to their CMMS.


They fear change!

Your peers might advise you to keep looking and researching before you make a move away from your current legacy CMMS.

In our humble opinion:

Taking this advice can be disastrous.

It really means don’t do anything – stay with your current situation.

We know good advice when we hear it. That’s not good advice at all.

A CMMS can help you make strides for your maintenance operation.

You might be wondering:

With the vastness of maintenance solutions available, what specific qualities can keep your facility humming?

That’s a good question, because we know many maintenance solution providers will tout all the ways their solution “will” augment your maintenance operation.

We’ve got news for you…

You need to focus on the core of your operation today, not the bells and whistles someone is trying to sell you.

It’s vital to understand the foundation and framework that leads to a reliable and robust system you can use for the long term.

You need a system that’ll keep your facility fully operational today and for years to come.

You might be thinking:

What could possibly counter the effects of not using CMMS software?

Let’s be clear.

There is no way…other than putting a state-of-the-art system in place.

In order to achieve peace of mind and keep your bottom line in the green, using CMMS software is your only answer.


We don’t mean to be ironic, but there’s a remarkable point to this concept.

The truth is…you can’t avoid the effects of not using a system – unless you use a system!

If you’re determined to stop losing money, it’s time for a change. Your time is now.

Are you ready for peace of mind? Good, keep reading.

Alone, your CMMS software is a remarkable tool.

You might thinking:

What other tool could help the performance of my CMMS software?

Fortunately, there is such a tool.

Facility managers can complement their maintenance system with equipment inspection software.

By doing this you increase your staff’s ability to solve problems before they occur.

Think about it, equipment inspection software is a natural sidekick for your CMMS software.

You can use it to increase the effectiveness of your maintenance efforts while simultaneously improving accountability of staff.

We’re going to show you how a CMMS – coupled with equipment inspection software – will help increase proficiency and reduce workplace stress along the way.

Read this article with one ultimate goal in mind…Peace of mind.

CMMS software reviews can lead to poor decisions.


“Experts” might tell you to keep looking at reviews or to do a little extra research before you make a final decision.


Relying on this type of advice might keep you from possibly finding a better fit for your facility.

Now, you might be thinking:

Reviews are great. You’re doing “fine”…this is how you’ve always based your decisions.

Well, it’s time to change.