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You might be thinking:

Is there a smart way to quickly build loyalty with your guests?

It’s not an uncommon question…

That’s for sure.

The good news is that there is a smart way to build guest loyalty at your property.

After studying the solutions and methods used by many industry professionals, we’ve found lost and found software to be invaluable for:

  • Winning over guests
  • Keeping them coming back

Lost and found software is an easy, smart way to not only build loyalty but enhance guest experience along the way.


Lost items are a bummer.

When people lose their possessions they get pretty upset. Would you agree?

We’re going to show you why and how to use a lost and found solution to change the course of guest services.

Then, you’ll be able to get guests their “stuff” back while fostering loyalty now and a long way into the future.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

Lost and found software can eliminate that horrible experience of losing an item for your guests.

Think about it:

Once they realize they’ve lost their valuables, what happens next?

The dreaded search for your lost and found desk.

This is an unfortunate journey for a guest that they shouldn’t have to make.

It’s an inconvenience and can result in a miserable experience.

If you’re not currently using lost and found software to optimize your guest services, this scenario probably occurs quite often.

Not using lost and found software means – you’re nowhere close to peace of mind!

We’re going to change that.

All the responsibilities stadium managers have to juggle on game day add up quickly.

It doesn't seem to matter how focused on coordination you are. Some problems just seem to get out of control with no end in sight. Before, during and after a game you’re spending every waking moment of your time chasing calls and cleaning up the aftermath.

Rather than sweating over the need to get frustrated about existing hazards, let's get proactive.

All security companies at one point or another deal with the public. When you deal with the public – things get lost.

Anywhere your security company has a high traffic volume of patrons, we’re sure you find your team regularly working diligently to manage and track lost and found items.

Whether you’re managing contracts with malls, railroads, cruise lines, hospitals, or community colleges, the use of lost and found software can eliminate the strain of this on your operation. It’ll allow you to focus on protecting patrons. You can spend less time rummaging through lost item boxes and reading tags.

Consider this, you have thousands of patrons passing through your properties annually. That’s lots of umbrellas, cameras and cellphones that could potentially go missing. Not to mention, losing an item causes your patrons a great inconvenience.

What’s the result of this? A less than pleasurable experience for patrons. No peace of mind for you either.

Moving away from aisles of lost and found item storage aisles and boxes may seem impossible. We understand. We can only imagine the overabundance of items stacked and stored in your lost and found department, in an unorganized fashion.

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, your process for managing items is quite ambiguous too. Is your team overwhelmed with the stress of managing such an operation?

A customer service nightmare is the effect of the disorganization and chaos. Your team needs more items being returned to their owners. It’s the little things that count. It’s the little things that increase your customer service rating, and leave your clients renewing their contracts.

Lost and found software helps security companies efficiently make the little things count so they can put more focus on protecting patrons from the big things: Unexpected incidents that occur at your property.

Losing an item at a venue is an awful, disconcerting experience for your guests.

Once they realize they’ve lost their valuables, the search for the lost and found kiosk begins.

Finding it can be a trek.

We’re talking the road less traveled.

Off the beaten path.

You get the point.

Losing an item causes visitors an inconvenience resulting in a less than satisfying experience at the same time, especially if you’re not using lost and found software to optimize your guest services.

Whether it’s a whole department or not, lost and found consists of aisles of boxes or cabinets filled with items upon items…upon items – in an unorganized fashion.

Processes for managing lost and found items can be quite ambiguous. It’s got to be a challenge for your staff, right?

We’ve known for quite some time that there hasn’t been a way to accurately and efficiently manage items as they are found, to verify ownership, and–most importantly–to issue items to the correct owner. It’s a hulking problem potentially affecting other areas of your operation.

The problem continues onto the process for which items are received, documented, tracked, and returned. Turned in items become misplaced in the department itself. We wouldn’t say that’s getting off to too great of a start.

What’s the result of all this chaos? A less than satisfied guest – that’s for sure!

When it boils down to lost and found, your guest services relies on a high return-to-owner ratio. More items found, more items returned to their rightful place, more guests at your venue.

It’s the little things that count. It’s the little things that can make or break the guest experience. It’s also the little things that lead to job security. We enjoy helping you out when we can.