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Losing your possessions is a stressful experience.

Losing your possessions at a property that doesn’t use lost and found software increases stressful to overwhelming.

Can anything be worse than this?

Think about it for a moment, what would be your scariest possession to lose?

We would venture to say that losing your wallet, which contains much of your personal information, would be the most common and most terrifying possession to lose.

A wallet is a small thing, yet contains the most personal – and vulnerable – details of your life.

  • Driver’s License/ID
  • Cash
  • Medical Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards

These are standard items you would find in any wallet, and you might have more.

Lose your wallet, and your anxiety skyrockets!

First, simply the act of losing something is stressful.

Second, you have lost a possession that contains vital information about your life. It is a double whammy when you lose your wallet.

Can you imagine the despair your guests feel knowing they lost their wallet? Imagine how they feel not knowing they will get it back?

Not to mention, the stress thinking about their credit cards and debit card getting into the wrong hands; which crosses their mind hundreds of times.

It is a never-ending trauma that does not end until the wallet is found.

Put yourself in their shoes.

Probably going to be checking your credit or debit card accounts frequently to see if they have been depleted.

Whether you have ever lost your wallet or not, we know you can appreciate the gravity of this.

We understand, you cannot prevent dishonest guests from hijacking credit card accounts.

However, you can help your staff mitigate this situation.

Keep reading; we are going to share a clear customer service policy to give your guests an extra hand with their lost wallet woes.

If you oversee a property or events, you have guests.

You probably already know this - guests lose their possessions.

It’s bound to happen, right? It’s inevitable…

Billy loses his cell phone.

Katie misplaces her purse.

Alex loses his wallet.

All of them are going to be very frustrated simply because losing stuff is frustrating.

Lost and found software can help you ease the stress associated with losing one’s possessions.

That is if you’re using the right type of system.

Today we’re going to show you how to move away from using spreadsheets to “manage” your lost and found operation.

We’re also going to show you four ways a superior solution can be leveraged to maximize your operation’s efficiency.

We’ll conclude with the #1 characteristic your lost and found solution is more than likely missing right now – and how to solve that problem. It’s an obvious one, but one deficit most operations have when it comes to their lost and found efforts.

Are you ready to enhance your guest experience and build enormous amounts of loyalty?

Excellent, let’s get started.

Are you charged with running events?

If so, you’re in the right place.

Today, we’re going to examine the various aspects of running an event.

Most important, we’re going to address it with the intention of achieving the ultimate goal – guest safety and experience.

That way, you can achieve your personal goal…peace of mind.

Wouldn’t you like peace of mind in knowing every one of your events is running smoothly?

After many years in the industry, we believe we’ve figured out the secret for ensuring an effective and efficient event operation.

There’s finally an easier and less expensive way to enhance the guest experience and build loyalty.

Any idea what that is? It’s probably something you’ve thought long and hard about too.

It’s using lost and found software at your property, because losing a possession is a traumatizing experience for your guests.

From the time it takes to find the lost and found department to managing lost and found items, the whole experience is like salt on a wound for everyone – you and your staff included.

Losing a personal possession can affect your guests’ experience and how your staff manages this experience can impact that as well.

The important thing to know is lost and found solution providers understand your pain. That’s why this software exists for all types of properties.

Whether you manage security operations, oversee multiple housing units, run several sporting events a year, or are charged with guest services for convention centers, hotels, music festivals, airports, or ski resorts, lost and found items are affecting your bottom line. You need to act quickly to ensure everyone experiences peace of mind.

In order to help you choose the right lost and found software for your property, we’ve created an infographic. The infographic will outline the functionality present in progressive solutions, that way you know what to look for in your next piece of software or to compare how your current system measures up.

Are you in charge of the visitor experience at your airport?

That’s a big responsibility.

It’s big because to deliver a positive experience to the constant flow of visitors coming through your airport, you have to oversee:

  • Hiring and training of effective & dependable staff
  • Processes for effectively & efficiently handling the needs of your visitors
  • How staff handle visitor complaints

There’s a lot for you to track, manage, and execute.

Now, what happens when your visitors lose something? How does your airport lost and found staff handle the overwhelming responsibility of getting possessions back to their owners?

Do you have lost and found software in place? Is it old? Is your legacy system only making life more difficult for your staff?

We’re curious because we know a way for you to eradicate the problems associated with not having a lost and found system or having one that does more harm than good.

Keep reading because we’re going to show you how first-class airports use a lost and found solution to increase visitor satisfaction…every single day.

Do you use lost and found software at your property?

If not, no problem. You’ll see the value in having and using one after reading this article.

It’s a remarkable system that can truly change your operation, and not only for ensuring guests get their lost items back in a timely manner.

Having and using a system like this can reduce stress for your employees while increasing their morale.

The result? Peace of mind for everyone.

Everyone wins.

You probably already know how a disorganized lost and found department with ambiguous processes can affect employees and guest loyalty.

We know you’re tired of digging through lost item boxes, so we’ll get to it. We want to help you change the way you manage lost and found – starting today.

We’re going to show you four smart ways to leverage your lost and found system that leads to loyal guests, increased efficiency, and happier employees.

Are you ready to leverage your way to lost and found success? Let’s begin.