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“Hello. How can I help you?” you say to the gentleman standing at the Lost and Found kiosk.

He anxiously replies, “Yes, my name is Mike Robertson.

I am looking for a lost iPhone X. I am sure you get these a lot but if I do not find it my boss is going to fire me.”

“Let me check,” you say as you head to the Lost and Found storage area.

You begin walking up and down the three aisles of unnamed boxes filled to the brim looking for an iPhone X.

This is your first day on the job. You are not familiar with how items are “organized.”

You walk for a good seven minutes before returning to the counter.

“Did you find it?” Mike stammers.

“I am sorry, I did look at the most recent return boxes. However, I could not find it,” you reply.

You take down Mike’s information because you are not sure what else you can do to help at this point.

Distraught, Mike thanks you and goes on his way.

Phones are a dime a dozen. Unfortunately, after a few short days, they lose their power making many of them unidentifiable.

Most end up being thrown out or donated.

What do you think the chances are for Mike to get his iPhone X back?

How do you feel knowing you could not help Mike because of an inefficient process? Is your Lost and Found process as disorganized as this?

It doesn’t have to be.

Use lost and found software to ensure your customers get their possessions back.

“Quarterback Tom Brady led the New England Patriots to one of the greatest comebacks in football history at the Super Bowl this year. Immediately afterward, his game-winning jersey was stolen from the Patriots' locker room in Houston,” writes Merrit Kennedy in their recent NPR article entitled “Tom Brady's Stolen Jersey Found With 'Member Of The International Media.”

According to Kennedy’s article, “Brady has estimated that the jersey is worth $500,000, as NPR has reported. He appears visibly annoyed in the locker room video captured by Alan Springer of Yahoo Sports. "I absolutely, 100 percent put it in my bag," Brady says despairingly as he searches through his possessions for the lost jersey.”

That’s a big ticket item to steal!

But, the good news is that the jersey – and his jersey from the 2015 win over the Seattle Seahawks – were both found in Mexico.

The unfortunate news is that both jerseys were in possession by a credentialed member of the international media.

Of course, this event got us thinking about your operation.

Brady’s Super Bowl LI jersey missing is bad enough on its own, but no one even realized his 2015 jersey was missing as well.

That’s a lot of money in memorabilia.

But, what if Tom Brady’s jersey was not stolen, but simply lost? And, your property was center stage in this incident?

Could you get Brady’s jersey or jerseys back to him? What if you don’t have the ability? How would you look on the international stage when you have to explain that his jersey was on your property, in a lost & found closet, in a storage bin, the whole time?

You don’t have to answer that.

It’s time to get Brady his jersey back, and everything else your guests are still looking for today.

You need lost and found software that skyrockets your ability to get possessions back to your guests.

Do you know of an easier and less expensive way to enhance customer experience and build loyalty?

We all know this: losing an item at your property is such an annoyance for your customers.

Forget about the slog to find the Lost & Found department to report the lost item. (Talk about salt on a wound, right?)

Or, the problem for you to manage everyone’s lost and found property.

Losing a personal possession can affect your customers’ overall experience. How your team manages this experience can impact it tenfold too.

The important thing to know is we understand your pain.

That’s why lost and found software for all types of properties exist. Whew.

The hard truth is that lost and found items are affecting your bottom line – regardless of your operation’s type or size!

You’ve got to change that.

So, to help you find the best solution for your property, we created the infographic below.

It helps you see the little inefficiencies you might be missing that can turn into significant customer service problems, and how to counter them with an intuitive system.

Check it out.

There’s finally an easier and less expensive way to enhance the guest experience and build loyalty.

Any idea what that is? It’s probably something you’ve thought long and hard about too.

It’s using lost and found software at your property, because losing a possession is a traumatizing experience for your guests.

From the time it takes to find the lost and found department to managing lost and found items, the whole experience is like salt on a wound for everyone – you and your staff included.

Losing a personal possession can affect your guests’ experience and how your staff manages this experience can impact that as well.

The important thing to know is lost and found solution providers understand your pain. That’s why this software exists for all types of properties.

Whether you manage security operations, oversee multiple housing units, run several sporting events a year, or are charged with guest services for convention centers, hotels, music festivals, airports, or ski resorts, lost and found items are affecting your bottom line. You need to act quickly to ensure everyone experiences peace of mind.

In order to help you choose the right lost and found software for your property, we’ve created an infographic. The infographic will outline the functionality present in progressive solutions, that way you know what to look for in your next piece of software or to compare how your current system measures up.

Are you in charge of the visitor experience at your airport?

That’s a big responsibility.

It’s big because to deliver a positive experience to the constant flow of visitors coming through your airport, you have to oversee:

  • Hiring and training of effective & dependable staff
  • Processes for effectively & efficiently handling the needs of your visitors
  • How staff handle visitor complaints

There’s a lot for you to track, manage, and execute.

Now, what happens when your visitors lose something? How does your airport lost and found staff handle the overwhelming responsibility of getting possessions back to their owners?

Do you have lost and found software in place? Is it old? Is your legacy system only making life more difficult for your staff?

We’re curious because we know a way for you to eradicate the problems associated with not having a lost and found system or having one that does more harm than good.

Keep reading because we’re going to show you how first-class airports use a lost and found solution to increase visitor satisfaction…every single day.

Do you use lost and found software at your property?

If not, no problem. You’ll see the value in having and using one after reading this article.

It’s a remarkable system that can truly change your operation, and not only for ensuring guests get their lost items back in a timely manner.

Having and using a system like this can reduce stress for your employees while increasing their morale.

The result? Peace of mind for everyone.

Everyone wins.

You probably already know how a disorganized lost and found department with ambiguous processes can affect employees and guest loyalty.

We know you’re tired of digging through lost item boxes, so we’ll get to it. We want to help you change the way you manage lost and found – starting today.

We’re going to show you four smart ways to leverage your lost and found system that leads to loyal guests, increased efficiency, and happier employees.

Are you ready to leverage your way to lost and found success? Let’s begin.