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Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, because we hear it often.

Facility managers don’t always come out and say it, especially when it comes to their CMMS.


They fear change!

Your peers might advise you to keep looking and researching before you make a move away from your current legacy CMMS.

In our humble opinion:

Taking this advice can be disastrous.

It really means don’t do anything – stay with your current situation.

We know good advice when we hear it. That’s not good advice at all.

Have you ever wondered:

What is it about using incident reporting software that could actually help your team be proactive?

Let’s think about this for a moment…

This software can help you respond to incidents or issues faster.

This software can help you save lives.

This software can even help you protect your property from future liability.

Who wouldn’t call that peace of mind? We bet you would.


While all of this value is phenomenal – it’s the details that matter.

What leads to faster response times, saving lives and protecting your property from future liability?

That’s the real question.

That’s what leads to proactive peace of mind.

We’re going to show you how using incident reporting software lets you and your team be proactive, not reactive.

It’s time to be proactive, so let’s get to it.

Welcome to 2015!

The New Year is a natural time for new resolutions – the act of determining new behaviors in order to achieve a desired result.

As we reflected about what we accomplished, and didn’t accomplish in 2014, we began mapping out our 2015 resolutions.

This exercise led us to question our legacy. What can we do for our industry? For stadium managers? How can we dig in, work harder, teach more, learn more? What do we need to do today to make sure that we leave something relevant and important behind?

Customer service is a huge responsibility successful property managers take seriously. As you know, the happiness of your tenants and customers is a reflection of how much effort you put into your service.

From the overall appearance of your property – to managing work orders and tracking repairs – all aspects of your operation require a top-notch approach in order to catch the eye of your customers.

You want to leave them in awe…don’t you? FANTASTIC, then let’s do it!

We’re enormous advocates of how well-structured and executed Disney’s customer service efforts are. We put together a “BIG” something for you to indulge in. A fun and happy collection of the four customer service practices Disney can teach all property managers – yourself included.

Stress causes almost half of all employee workplace related issues.

Low productivity, performance related incidents, continuous absences and employee turnover all lead back to this infamous aspect of facility management. In the end, the result is inefficiency.

How do facility managers manage workplace stress? They’re stressed out enough themselves, how do they coach their team through stress? How do you prevent stress related issues and incidents from occurring over and over again?

Keep reading, we’re confident we have the answer.

We know stress is a serious risk to an operation and all its employees. If not handled appropriately, stress can negatively affect employees’ performance and your bottom line.

Many employees are overworked without the tools necessary to complete job related activities and tasks. This leads to operational errors, overlooked equipment or location inspections, employees calling out sick, and several other acute problems affecting your facility. The effects can be severe.

When combined with a program for mitigating workplace stress, facility management software can naturally give managers a system for reducing workplace stress.

Known for being a forerunner of the Triple T offense that lead his “Monsters of Midway” to a 73-0 NFL Championship Game win over the Washington Redskins in 1940, George “Papa Bear” Halas was the father of the NFL.

He was an innovator, owner and leader, and there’s no question Halas was a winner. Understanding the greatness that is George Halas is easy. What truly shows the magnitude of his influence is the lasting legacy he left behind for the Chicago Bears, the NFL and event managers.

Whether you’re a veteran or marveling at the possibility of becoming an event manager – take it from us – we can all learn a few straightforward career lessons from the late George Halas.