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Running your property’s daily operation is a breeze.

You’ve got everything down to a science.

Open parking gates, close parking gates, turn on escalators, complete this, and get that done. It’s business as usual, and you believe you're a genius at it.

But, what happens when you host an event?

Tasks change and the number of tasks increases. It’s not ‘business as usual’ anymore, right?

You have tasks to coordinate based on your event requirements, from consolidating alcohol kiosks to reversing escalators, to the unexpected things that need to get done.

Event day requires a lot of your team’s attention.

How do you manage task requirements for your events?

It’s a great responsibility.

But, you can handle the “task” like the proactive operation you are.

You already know you need to stop writing things down or trying to remember what needs to get done. That’s how important tasks get missed.

But, you’re not sure how you’ll manage event day tasks that come in droves? They’re not issues, incidents, or guest requests.

Are you charged with running events?

If so, you’re in the right place.

Today, we’re going to examine the various aspects of running an event.

Most important, we’re going to address it with the intention of achieving the ultimate goal – guest safety and experience.

That way, you can achieve your personal goal…peace of mind.

Wouldn’t you like peace of mind in knowing every one of your events is running smoothly?

After many years in the industry, we believe we’ve figured out the secret for ensuring an effective and efficient event operation.

For those teeing off at 7:00 AM for the commencement of the Sony Open in Hawaii today, know the stakes are high.

They also know a win is a win. They’re prepared to get that win.

With $1,008,000 as the winning share, a Sony Open win will be a nice payday for the victor. J.J Henry, Chez Reavie and Spencer Levin all know how vital it is to maintain their composure and stay laser focused.

As your season comes to an end, now is the opportune time for reflection.

You already know that as a stadium manager the demands of your boss, staff and guests all add up quickly and bring on lots of stress. To improve next season, identify the challenges your team faced this season, the current weaknesses of your operation, and the outcomes as a result of everyone’s performance.

What is the underlying cause of your stress? What is the effect of this stress? How can you fix it?

Your prime responsibility is the safety and security of your patrons.

Coming in at a very close second is the wellbeing of your staff, peers, your boss, and all others that enter your venue – you’re accountable for each of them.

We know you’re taking on loads of information and often at a high rate. From daily operations, continuing education and training of your staff, to adapting to the shifting industry requirements and policies, your job is overwhelming.

How do you keep up with all the information and changes? How do you know what’s necessary to be effective? Do you know what your best practices for delivering unmatched event security should be?

Ranking at the top of our list of ways to create a great fan experience is – guest services.

According to sports attendance data from the top 10 leagues around the world – the Bundesliga in Germany, Major League Baseball in the United States, to the Premier League in the UK – there were over 210 million patrons in combined total attendance in the 2013-2014 season.

That’s lots of fans! And this data is only from 10 leagues. The sheer volume of patrons provides a tremendous opportunity for you to make a positive impact on their game day experience. Delivering topnotch guest services is paramount.