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“Nowadays, if you're a teenager who's good at video games there's a lot more to be had than just a pot of virtual gold,” writes Aubri Juhasz in their recent NPR article entitled “As Esports Take Off, High School Leagues Get In The Game.”

“There's college scholarships, tournament money and high salary jobs,” Juhasz shares.

According to the article, “Today, more than 170 colleges and universities participate. And there's money on the table — more than $16 million in college scholarships. Naturally, high schools have followed suit.”

“This year, 17 states and the District of Columbia are offering formal esports teams,” the NPR piece continues.

Juhasz explains, “Kids perfect their skills alongside teammates with the help of a high school coach. They run drills, develop strategy, review game footage and compete against other teams across their state.”

“But most high schools don't house their esports teams under athletics. In Virginia, the league is considered an academic activity,” the article continues.

“Scooter Norton is a senior and captain of Washington-Liberty's Rocket League Team. He and his teammates Calvin Forinash and Matthew Goodwin have known one another since they were in kindergarten and have been playing Rocket League together for three years,” says Juhasz.

"When this opportunity came around, I don't think there was any hesitation from us about whether we would do it. It was just a matter of whether our parents would let us," Forinash says in the article.

“All three said their parents have at times resisted their desire to play video games,” explains Juhasz.

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