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In the recent CNN article “Dreamworld accident: 2 children survive fatal theme park malfunction” written by Euan McKirdy, Rebecca Wright, and James Masters, the writers share the tragic results of Dreamworld’s most recent ride malfunction.

“Two children survived a deadly ride malfunction at Australia's largest theme park, which killed four people on Tuesday.”

According to the article, “Police said Wednesday, a boy, and a girl, aged 10 and 12, were able to ‘extricate themselves,' in what Brian Codd, Assistant Commissioner for Southeast Region of Queensland Police Service, described as "almost a miracle.”

McKirdy, Wright, and Masters’ article describe that “Six people were riding on a ‘flume’ at the Thunder River Rapids Ride at Dreamworld theme park in Queensland when the malfunction occurred. Their flume flipped after it came into contact with another carriage towards the end of the ride, tossing some of the passengers onto the conveyor belt, where they were caught in the machinery, Codd said on Wednesday morning.”

Codd shares that “the two children are traumatized and being cared for by their family, adding they were lucky to be alive.”

We often talk about accountability, and the truth is, we’re not the experts. You are.

We just make it our life’s work to listen really well to what you’re saying.

Staff not executing and lack of accountability are two common challenges faced by professional managers. You know it’s happening, but how do you solve it?

How can you take control of your operation?

A black hole of checklists, work orders, and fragmented processes prevent you from identifying your problem employees. Does this sound familiar?

The good news is, equipment inspection software can help you enhance your operation because it makes tracking accountability achievable.

A large majority of issues facility managers deal with are the result of workplace stress.

From lack-of-productivity issues, issues caused by lack-of-performance, to staff absences and turnover…it all leads back to stress in the workplace.

Stress is a symptom of inefficiency. Remove it and you’re on track to an effective and efficient operation.

But, how do facility managers get rid of workplace stress?

The question that needs to be asked is: How can you, as a professional facility manager, manage it so your staff can do their job better?

Alone, your CMMS software is a remarkable tool.

You might thinking:

What other tool could help the performance of my CMMS software?

Fortunately, there is such a tool.

Facility managers can complement their maintenance system with equipment inspection software.

By doing this you increase your staff’s ability to solve problems before they occur.

Think about it, equipment inspection software is a natural sidekick for your CMMS software.

You can use it to increase the effectiveness of your maintenance efforts while simultaneously improving accountability of staff.

We’re going to show you how a CMMS – coupled with equipment inspection software – will help increase proficiency and reduce workplace stress along the way.

Read this article with one ultimate goal in mind…Peace of mind.

You’ll never catch Batman without his trusted sidekick, Robin. No way.

If Batman is missing Robin crime fighting is not the same. They’re two peas in a pod, peanut butter and jelly, the Lone Ranger and Tonto…you get the point.

As a team Batman and Robin are quite the effective pair – but separated – there’s a dramatic decline in execution. Not as many villains are brought to justice.

All the same goes for property managers. Your maintenance efforts require a congruent effort on the part of your CMMS and its heroic partner.

If you’re struggling to keep your maintenance above the red, it might be missing its Robin – equipment inspection software.

Stress causes almost half of all employee workplace related issues.

Low productivity, performance related incidents, continuous absences and employee turnover all lead back to this infamous aspect of facility management. In the end, the result is inefficiency.

How do facility managers manage workplace stress? They’re stressed out enough themselves, how do they coach their team through stress? How do you prevent stress related issues and incidents from occurring over and over again?

Keep reading, we’re confident we have the answer.

We know stress is a serious risk to an operation and all its employees. If not handled appropriately, stress can negatively affect employees’ performance and your bottom line.

Many employees are overworked without the tools necessary to complete job related activities and tasks. This leads to operational errors, overlooked equipment or location inspections, employees calling out sick, and several other acute problems affecting your facility. The effects can be severe.

When combined with a program for mitigating workplace stress, facility management software can naturally give managers a system for reducing workplace stress.