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Are there aspects of your credentialing management you need to change?

Take a moment to think about it, then keep reading.

We know that ensuring the integrity of credentials can be challenging these days.


People create false credentials.

They also try to get into locations they shouldn’t be.

Do you have guests attempting to enter restricted areas on your property?

That’s a severe threat to your operation and the credibility of your team.

We’ve got to help you manage your credentials.

Do you have many credentials with various access levels that you need to manage on a regular basis?

If so, you’re in the right place.

We’ve got eight reasons for you as to why you need credentialing management software.

And why you need it today!

You must deploy this software solution on your property so you can produce and validate bulletproof credentials.

It’s that simple – but critical to your success.


Let’s get down to the brass tacks.

Are you ready?

“Are you ready for today,” asks Jerry, your operations manager.

You give him a nod to acknowledge that you are ready while he hands you today’s guest list.

But, your nod quickly changes once you see the list.

You’ve got a lot of people coming to your property today – not just everyday customers either.

“We’ve got to stay sharp today,” you tell Jerry with a concerned look on your face.

Things didn’t go too well the last time you had this many people visiting your property in one day.

Several people made it on your property, and to secure locations, without proper credentials or with false ones.

But frankly, managing your guest credentials and access is a challenge every day.

Your boss, you, and Jerry all know that it’s a process that needs immediate fixing.

Do you have too many different credentials to organize, memorize, and control?

Do you worry that unauthorized people will gain access to areas that they shouldn’t?

These anxieties exist for many leaders working diligently to run a world-class operation.

We don’t want you to stress about it anymore, though.

We’ve got your back on this, and believe we can help shed some light on how to foolproof this process.

Fail-safe credentials can be produced and validated using credentialing software.

They can do so much more too!

Keep reading; we’re going to show you just how much more.


Does your operation get bogged down from investigating unwanted people entering your property with improper credentials? Or worse, people with no credentials at all?

While most credentials are designed and created for certain access locations and times, they’re not created for a specific individual.

We’re sure you’re aware that this creates an opportunity for others to produce counterfeits. Rather than getting denied access to your property, people are able to get access to private locations they didn’t pay for.

The inability to manage areas with too many patrons is another problem we know you’re faced with. Your capacity limits cannot be maintained, simply because technology to do so has never existed.

Credentials printed or clipped to lanyards can’t provide you with any specific information. You have no way of knowing who checked in and out, where they checked in, or what time they left the facility or venue.

We don’t need to ask, because we already know that if you’re using access credentials at your property, venue, during events or for your security team, you’re faced with an imperfect credentialing system.

It’s time to keep reading. It’s also time to implement a new breed of credentialing software for your operation.

Are you ready for Proactive Operations?

Most credentials are designed and created for certain access locations and times, but not for a specific person.

This opens up the door for anyone to produce counterfeits. Rather than getting denied, guests are evasively sliding under the radar and receiving VIP treatment they didn’t pay for.

Another problem with current credentialing methods is the inability to manage areas with too many patrons. Capacity limits cannot be maintained simply because the technology has not existed, resulting in unwanted chaos.

Generally, credentials are printed and clipped to lanyards with no way of knowing who checked in and out, where they did it, and what time they left the facility or venue.

Do these proverbial scenarios resonate with you? Are you currently experiencing any of these symptoms of an imperfect credentialing system at your facility, venue or during events?

We’ve created this simple and succinct guide to provide you with worthwhile insight into:

  1. How current event credentialing systems are being utilized and how their weaknesses have an effect on your security efforts.
  2. The evolving credentialing solutions that now exist.
  3. How these solutions help event managers create failsafe credentials coupled with their existing credentialing system that can be easily validated on event days.
  4. The return-on-investment (ROI) these counterfeit-proof credentialing systems provide for your organization.

We never claimed to be scientists, so we won’t start now. You can stop searching for the cure for safe and secure events, because we already know how to beef up your event security.

The peace of mind you’re looking for comes from prevention and being proactive, period. There’s no bucket of ice involved. However, you’re not getting off that easy.

We challenge you - yes you - to step your event security ‘game’ up and use three tools every event security professional already uses to execute effectively. Do what the pros do.

A Credentialing Solution is the First Line of Defense for Event Security Pros

Do you have too many different credentials to organize, memorize and control? Do you worry about unauthorized people gaining access to areas they shouldn’t?

With a credentialing solution, fail-safe credentials can be produced and validated.

Before any sneaky patrons get into your event, your preparation and proactivity is on display. You’re showing patrons – from the start – your security staff is on high alert and are trained professionals.

Do you recall Matthew Mills? You know the 30-year-old journalist from Brooklyn? He cleverly and easily worked his way through multiple levels of security staff getting into the media tent during Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium.

It’s here now. Oh yes. It’s in full motion and the fans are coming in droves.

Whether you skipped out on perfecting the perfect caipirinha to catch the World Cup in Brazil, or passed on the coveted ticket to enjoy it from the comfort of your couch…there’s no doubt it’s in full swing.

From our assessment we thought it’d be a good idea to pass on attending - let alone based on all the safety concerns - terrorism, trafficking, and rioting. Not to mention (Well, to mention) many of the stadiums weren’t on par for the goliath event.

To press the issue, training of staff was delayed which makes us question whether the ‘goal’ of creating a safe and secure fan experience was and still is on the top of the list. We really, really love safety and security for your guests and visitors. It irks us when we read about lack of care. (Uh-oh, are you catching on?)

Incidents occurring during the World Cup provide us with examples out the wazoo! There’s some serious takeaway for all of us. This gives ample insight into operations which we can provide you with as a means to reach your GOALLLL!

We aren’t talking about four years ago. This stuff is happening now. It’s as real as it gets and it’s important to know it’s happening right in front of your face.