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Human Resources complete the transfer or exit paperwork for an employee. As a Facility Manager you’ll surely be the one telling them whether it’s not working out or it’s time for them to move up the corporate ladder.

This seems logical. Except all of us [vendors] are missing three useful pieces of info we know will make any transition run smoothly.

Who left a position?

Who replaced them?

When do you want them trained?

Answering these questions is a must. That is, if you don’t like fraudulent transactions or a lapse in service.

Since we like solutions, here’s one you should put into practice today.

Design a communication policy for employee transfers or terminations. Besides changing/disabling computer passwords, a checklist of all steps to take when an employee is transferred, terminated, or quits is the way to go. Create a notification process that outlines how to bring your vendors and other stakeholders up to speed on the current changes.

We recommend an email template that's triggered when employment changes occur. Yes, a phone call would suffice, but email is the quickest. Create an email group with the email addresses of all your vendors, and an email template for when 'changes' do happen – it’s just click, click, send!

I don’t have time to create an email template. OK, we’ll do it for you.