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“I’ll catch up to you later.”

You wave your classmate Kim off as you split off the pathway to another friend’s dormitory.

“I’ll see you tonight in the Library,” she responds.

You’ve just finished accounting class, but need to go over notes for your history class before heading to the library this evening.

You see the dormitory in the distance. As you put your accounting book into your bag, your phone rings.

It’s your mom.

“Hi, mom.”

“How are you, son?”

“I know it’s only been a week since we dropped you off, but I miss you and want to make sure you’re safe,” she tells you.

You can hear her swallow. She’s holding back the tears because she misses you so much.

“I’m fine, mom,” you gently respond as you walk up to the dormitory. Your mom always calls you at the worst times. Well, at least you think so.

“I have to go study. I’ll call you later,” you assert.

“I love you,” she responds as you click end on your phone.