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After making a four-hour trek from Bournemouth to Manchester, you would normally be tired.

Not today.

Your adrenaline is pumping as you approach Old Trafford for the Premier League matchup of Bournemouth and Manchester United.

You are a longtime football [soccer] fan, so Sunday’s don’t get any better than this.

“Grab your jersey and don’t forget the tickets,” you exclaim to your friend, Tim. He grunts. He realizes that he almost forget them, and then takes the two steps back to the car.

Tim is an old friend, and a Manchester United fan, but because he lost a friendly bet between the two of you, he is rooting for Bournemouth today. It makes today’s match that much more exciting for you, especially with a Bournemouth win.

“Here’s your ticket,” Tim says as you make your way to the entryway of the 75,000-seat stadium. Following a three minute wait, you are in the stadium! Excited, you and Tim head to the concessions to grab a beverage.

The stadium is filling up quickly.

You make it back to your seats and begin chanting with the rest of the crowd. You feel the excitement running through your body. The look on Tim’s face is priceless. He is smiling ear to ear even while wearing an opposing team’s jersey.

Today’s trip to the game was not cheap. So far, it has been worth every penny.

However, the excitement dispels quickly.

Today is not like any other Monday.

It is exam day.

You expect your college campus to fill up with “eager” students running to their exams. You even enjoy it because you reminisce your college days.

You remember, the panic to make your exam on time, the late night cram, and a month’s worth of coffee your parents sent you – finished in one week.

You think to yourself every semester, “Those were the days.” Sometimes you miss them.

As you finish daydreaming, you make it to your office at 7:15 AM. You start making your rounds on the radio.

“Come in, John.” John, your security supervisor, responds, “Morning.” He is making his way to your office for your Monday morning supervisor meeting. “I’ll be there in 10 minutes; I have to check something out at the library.” “10-4,” you reply.

You grab a cup of coffee and start reviewing the high priority reports on your desk.

Emotions run high on exam day, so you expect to be interrupted with calls. It happens all the time. A student cuts another student in line at the testing lab. A brief altercation erupts, and then everyone moves on his or her way.

You are in charge, which unfortunately means you have to get involved to ensure there is no need for an incident report.

Five minutes after you begin reviewing reports, it happens. John comes in over the radio. You are expecting the usual.

However, this call is not the usual.