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“There it is.”

Your brother, Tim, says as he points to the beautifully designed piece of architecture in the distance.

You turn quickly and pause. You are speechless. You have never seen a racecourse like this before in your life.

“I knew it would be cool, but wow,” you say. “This is unreal.”

As a kid, Tim was obsessed with architecture. His fascination followed him into adulthood, and now he is a world-class stadium architect. So, naturally he likes taking you around the world to check out the newest ‘innovations.’

Your father is a retired stadium general manager, and you are a stadium manager. The apples did not fall far from the tree.

Today, Tim has taken you to the Ascot Racecourse in the United Kingdom to see their newly designed grandstand and to check out a race.

You cannot ever get away from work but were able to break away for the weekend. Your wife took the kids to Busch Gardens with her sister. Everyone is happy.

As you make your way to the racecourse, Tim tells you about how Ascot’s design focuses on the spectator.

The parade ring is on the town side to give racegoers total control over their experience during the event. From weigh-in to the historical pageantry of horse racing, every aspect was designed for a memorable experience.

Your only response is, “Wow.” So far, that is all you have been able to come up since you first set eyes on the architecture. You are at a loss for words.

However, your experience does not turn out the way you expected it.