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Do you always feel like you're the effect of what happens at your property?

Do you always seem reactive rather than proactive?

Do you wait for high priority incidents to occur knowing that they're going to knock you and your team completely off course?

It's got to be draining.

You probably feel like a kite dancing in a hurricane.

It's a symptom of your incidents managing you.

Does this sound familiar?

A call comes in that there's been a fight, and it quickly escalated.

Now, a few of your customers are injured.

It looks like a critical situation developing on your watch. Are you prepared?

Was the escalation of this fight a result of you not having proactive operations in place?

We know this example is fictional. But could this happen at your property?

Are you letting your incidents manage you?

We say 'letting' because you can take full control of your operation.

You can be proactive.

It's a choice. 


It's a matter of choice, followed by the effort of your team to change the outcome of every incident that occurs on your property.

We're going to help you improve your operation, so you no longer feel like that kite.

Today, you're going to put the right solutions in place to manage your incidents – not the other way around.

2020 is coming.

It’s here tomorrow!

Now, you’ve got to find out how fast your team performed all year.

It’ll help you identify what improvements or changes are needed in 2020.

How’s your operation doing?

Are you responding to issues and incidents efficiently and effectively?

Do you have the right amount of resources available?

How are your staffing levels?

Is it time to invest in operations management software?

You need to answer these questions.

But, you’re probably asking yourself, how?


Don’t stress about it; we’ll save you the guesswork.

You need to use analytics.

You need the ability to capture data (hopefully, lots of it) that results in valuable analytics.

Are you in a position to rely on your data?

Can you trust it?

You need to close out 2019 and get ready for 2020.

Let’s start today!

But, the only way to do it successfully is by looking at your numbers.

You must take a close look at how your operation performed this year so you can be proactive in making the best improvements and optimizations for the New Year.

Resolve any issues now.

Determine whether the integrity of your data is at the level it needs to be before the first quarter of 2020.

Your security team is tasked with conducting guard tours.

We’re talking about a property that covers 1,000,000+ square feet, multiple entryways, and as many restricted areas as Area 51.

You’re not securing extraterrestrials.

But, there’s no doubt your team is keeping busy. We also know it never ends.

Answer this truthfully:

Does your guard tour system give you the accuracy and efficiency needed to do your job most effectively?

If you’re not sure, that’s OK.

Keep reading, because we’re going to give you the insight you need to choose the right guard tour system for your facility.

You need data to ‘know.’

‘Knowing’ is one of the most important aspects for improving your operation.

However, this often gets overlooked.

  • You are too busy to look at your data.
  • Incomplete and inaccurate documentation.
  • Communication between and amongst departments is below par.

You are missing facts.

Does this sound familiar?

The limitations above prevent your operation from being proactive.

Sadly, you cannot manage what you do not know.

We say it all the time!

It threatens the welfare of an operation like yours.

It is also a multi-part challenge to overcome.

Resolve it by collecting insightful data and using it to improve your operation.

It is time to get the facts.

Today, we are going to show you how.

CMMS software is a unique solution that can help any facility manager move toward a profitable maintenance operation.

The challenge, however, is knowing which systems are going to help you reduce operational waste and cut hindering costs.

Many of the so-called maintenance solutions we see have flaws.

They claim to be a “paperless” system but only limit the amount of paperwork used by your staff.

One piece of paper leads to another, and then another, and then you discover after all your system isn’t paperless at all.

Your paperwork orders turn into files that turn into stacks of files, that’s when matters get worse.

Or, we should say that’s when matters get missed.

Vital activities and tasks that are important to running a stable and humming operation start slipping through the cracks.

These missed maintenance objectives cost you money.

You’re back to asking yourself, “What do we do?”

Does this sound familiar?

Are you tired of only focusing on saving your you-know-what?

Wouldn’t you rather be able to easily cut your maintenance costs and focus on increasing the profitability of your property?

We’re going to show you how.

We’re going to show you how the right CMMS software can help eradicate hefty costs, that way you can focus your efforts on increasing profits.

2019 is the year you've committed to change.

You’re going to fight hard against the forces of the status quo.

You’ve embraced becoming a data-driven leader.

We like to hear that.

Empowering your staff with the ability to communicate effectively will give you the information to fully understand your operation.

It’s the only way to manage because now you’ll know what you’re managing!

You get it.

You want it.

You need it!

Any other day we’d tell you why it’s so important to institute best practices and then give you the how.

But today, we’re going to show you how to put your incident management infrastructure in place first.

Then, we’ll show you all the reasons why your new foundation will give you Proactive Operations, on so many levels.

Are you ready?

Let’s get started.