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Ranking at the top of our list of ways to create a great fan experience is – guest services.

According to sports attendance data from the top 10 leagues around the world – the Bundesliga in Germany, Major League Baseball in the United States, to the Premier League in the UK – there were over 210 million patrons in combined total attendance in the 2013-2014 season.

That’s lots of fans! And this data is only from 10 leagues. The sheer volume of patrons provides a tremendous opportunity for you to make a positive impact on their game day experience. Delivering topnotch guest services is paramount.

You’re sitting down for your Thanksgiving feast. A smorgasbord of your favorites. You’re salivating from the scent of turkey and sweet potato casserole…with marshmallows. YUM!

You’re loosening the top button of your pants in preparation AND then it happens…

Your phone starts ringing off the hook. It’s your Chief Engineer. “Do they not realize it’s Thanksgiving?” You quickly answer because you suppose it’s important if they’re calling you DURING THANKSGIVING DINNER!

Customer service is a huge responsibility successful property managers take seriously. As you know, the happiness of your tenants and customers is a reflection of how much effort you put into your service.

From the overall appearance of your property – to managing work orders and tracking repairs – all aspects of your operation require a top-notch approach in order to catch the eye of your customers.

You want to leave them in awe…don’t you? FANTASTIC, then let’s do it!

We’re enormous advocates of how well-structured and executed Disney’s customer service efforts are. We put together a “BIG” something for you to indulge in. A fun and happy collection of the four customer service practices Disney can teach all property managers – yourself included.

Your team is tasked with conducting inspections for 200 suites, 160 bathrooms with 1,600 toilets, more equipment than you care to comment on, and around 300 concession points.

It’s clear you got your work cut out for you. And if you’re still using pen and paper…it’s going to be a long week.

We’re getting exhausted thinking about it.

Pen and Paper is Bad for Inspections (And Your Health)

Once upon a time, inspections of all types were conducted with pen and paper.

Are you hoping this fairy tale has a happy ending? Keep reading my friend, keep reading.

Here’s what’s clearly present, constant and invaluable: great inspections.

Whether it’s a bathroom for cleanliness, suite furniture for wear and tear, or a fire extinguisher for secure hardware, inspections need to be completed with the intent of providing a safe and secure setting for your fans.

And provide you with peace of mind. However, inspections are just a huge you know what.

The first pain is you have to develop the process: Who conducts the inspection? How do they conduct the inspection? What is being inspected? When or how often is the inspection?