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Are You Ready to Bulletproof Your Credentials?

by 24/7 Software / January 30, 2018

“Are you ready for today,” asks Jerry, your operations manager.

You give him a nod to acknowledge that you are ready while he hands you today’s guest list.

But, your nod quickly changes once you see the list.

You’ve got a lot of people coming to your property today – not just everyday customers either.

“We’ve got to stay sharp today,” you tell Jerry with a concerned look on your face.

Things didn’t go too well the last time you had this many people visiting your property in one day.

Several people made it on your property, and to secure locations, without proper credentials or with false ones.

But frankly, managing your guest credentials and access is a challenge every day.

Your boss, you, and Jerry all know that it’s a process that needs immediate fixing.

Do you have too many different credentials to organize, memorize, and control?

Do you worry that unauthorized people will gain access to areas that they shouldn’t?

These anxieties exist for many leaders working diligently to run a world-class operation.

We don’t want you to stress about it anymore, though.

We’ve got your back on this, and believe we can help shed some light on how to foolproof this process.

Fail-safe credentials can be produced and validated using credentialing software.

They can do so much more too!

Keep reading; we’re going to show you just how much more.

8 Benefits of Credentialing Management Software

You have credentials, and you need to be able to bulletproof them. Period.

This ability is something the industry has been deficient in for a while.

Yes, some proactive operations are using this technology to enhance their existing credentials and access.

But, we think you need to get committed too.

Question: what is your property doing to make this process efficient?

Whether you have a process in place that’s working or not, or you don’t have anything implemented altogether, we’re going to help you improve your condition.

Check out the eight benefits of a credentialing management solution for properties below.

  1. Criteria-Based Access
  2. Counterfeit-Proof Credentials
  3. Reusable Credentials
  4. Mass SMS
  5. Track Entry & Exit Times
  6. Track Escorting Details
  7. Credential Application Web Form
  8. Barcodes or RFID

1. Criteria-Based Access

Give your guests access to your property based on several different criteria and get notified if they attempted to obtain access to an unauthorized area:

  • Event Type
  • Date
  • Time/Event Markers
  • Property/Facility and Location

2. Counterfeit-Proof Credentials

Counterfeit-proof your existing credentials by adding an RFID tag to the back, allowing your staff to scan the RFID and instantly view the details of the guest.

3. Reusable Credentials

Use a “Reusable Credential” feature to allow temporary access to specific areas using your existing passes – perfect for field visits or backstage access!

4. Mass SMS

Quickly send a mass SMS to all your guests on site with the click of a button, perfect for mass evacuation situations.

5. Track Entry & Exit Times

Keep track of your guest’s entry and exit times throughout different areas of your property while viewing a real-time list of all your guests and their last known check-in area.

6. Track Escorting Details

Keep track of the guests that require staff to escort them at all times, and also the guests who are allowed to accompany additional persons in their party.

7. Credential Application Web Form

Create a web form on your website to let your staff or vendors apply for credential access for specific dates or events.

8. Barcodes or RFID

Freedom to choose between the low cost and ease-of-use of barcodes or the advanced security of RFID technology.

Over to You

Credentialing management software is a solution that you might not have ever seen or used before today.

But, once this software is implemented on your property, it’ll give you a way to enhance your existing credentials and access.

So, are you ready to bulletproof your credentials?

Learn how to create counterfeit proof credentials

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